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Castlebay Hotel

Isle of Barra

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Getting to Castlebay Hotel & Restaurant

By Air - Glasgow - Barra

Loganair flies to Barra from Glasgow and from Benbecula; since November 2008, British Airways has handed over responsibility for the route to Flybe. Flying to Barra is very popular as the runway is not tarmac but a beach! Barra Airport is the only beach runway in the world which takes scheduled flights and where the landing times are dictated by the tides! Plane landed on the beach.

Glasgow - Barra 55 minutes
Glasgow - Benbecula 55 minutes
Benbecula - Barra 20 minutes
(All approximate times)


In August 2008, Terry Mackay, the hotel's owner, flew back to Glasgow on a very sunny, clear day. He asked the pilot, Captain Bill, if he would fly over Castlebay - which he agreed to do. Terry was able to take about 50 spectacular photos - some of which are viewable if you click on the image below.


Oban - Barra

Caledonian MacBrayne run a car ferry service which runs from Oban to Barra(castlebay) and on some days goes via Lochboisdale (Uist). The journey takes around five hours however if the ferry goes via Lochboisdale it can take around seven hours.

Castlebay ferry coming in the bay.

The ferry has plenty of outside seating allowing you to truly admire the scenery upon leaving Oban bay and also arriving in Castlebay. Their is a TV area with reclining seats, an observation lounge and a separate bar area. Also there is a cafeteria which serves a variety of hot food and snacks.

(If you need to leave on Saturday you can get the Eriskay ferry across the sound and drive to Lochboisdale where there is a ferry leaving for Oban at 13:50)
Oban - Barra 5 hours
Oban - Lochboisdale 5 hours 20 minutes
Lochboisdale - Barra 1 hour 40 minutes
(All approximate times)

Summer Timetable Here


Eriskay - Barra

Caledonian MacBrayne also run a car ferry service which runs from Eriskay to Barra (Ardmhor). This is a smaller ferry which can only take a few cars at a time however is runs a lot more frequently.

Eriskay ferry at Ardmhor.

This ferry arrives on Barra at Ardmhor which is around 10 miles from Castlebay, there is usually a bus which meets the ferry but not always, please check in advance.

Eriskay - Barra 40 minutes
(All approximate times)

Summer Timetable Here

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